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chicken & waffles at Shugga Hi Bakery & Cafe

The Best Chicken and Waffles in Nashville.

Look, if ya’ll don’t know about Shugga Hi Bakery & Cafe’ then ya’ll are really tripping. Your tastebuds will dance, literally. We’re not exaggerating! Shugga Hi Bakery & Cafe’ is the best place in Nashville to get chicken & waffles according to Tastebuds. Do yourself a favor and get over to 1000 Dickerson Pike or…


18th Annual Southern Entertainment Awards.

The Southern Entertainment Awards (abbreviated as SEAs) has been a staple in southern culture, music and entertainment.  In its 18th year, SEA, a well-known venue and channel gives independent artists all around the globe a platform. Evolving from its original outlet to acknowledge the accomplishments and influence of the Djs in the South. SEA now…


21 Photographers in Nashville to Know.

Tis the season for beefing up your photo game! If you’re looking for a photographer in Nashville to capture your 2021 Spring family photo, those graduation pictures of your happy seniors, or glam you up for IG, then this is a list you want to know. We scoured the IG hashtag looking for the best…

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