21 Photographers in Nashville to Know.

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Did you Nodat Nashville has some amazing photographers?

Tis the season for beefing up your photo game! If you’re looking for a photographer in Nashville to capture your 2021 Spring family photo, those graduation pictures of your happy seniors, or glam you up for IG, then this is a list you want to know. We scoured the IG hashtag looking for the best photographers in Nashville and stalked 21 profiles for hours. Each photographer that made our list stood out among hundreds of thousands of images.

Let’s get started…

#1 Neshaszda Photography

We got chills when we came across this photographer’s impressive IG feed. Originally from the ATL Neshasdza brings life to your wedding photos and videos. Check out her website! Being photographed by this creative will make you feel like you’re a movie superstar.

#2 Judith Hill Photography

Judith Hill Photography is contemporary fashion inspired portraiture that includes an experience of feeling beautiful and empowered. It is all about celebrating who you are and everything about you. Judith Hill Photography can be described in three words: Embrace. Empower. Express.

#3 Khalya Renee’

Khalya Renee is the chief photographer at All Things KR. She is a passionate creative with a flare for portrait lifestyle, and fashion photography. All in all, she is perfect for creating still moments that last a lifetime and bringing out the best in her clients. Whether you’re celebrating a momentous occasion, building a brand, or simply want to shoot for fun.

#4 La Photographie J.E.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, influencers, and public speakers. This boutique studio provides quality and affordable photography fit for any budget. They offer a wide variety of services including portrait sessions, education, event photography, and web design.

#5 Lindsay Kate Photography

Born in the boro’ and a lover of small businesses and animals, Lindsay had to make our list! We stalked her IG profile and fell in love with her photos.

#6 Drae Brown Photographer

All we could say while going through the IG feed of this photographer is yaaasss! We love the clean and edgy look and feel of each one of his images.

#7 Shooting for Love Photography

Shooting for Love Photography is a full service photography company created to capture all of life’s loving moments. Previously, we featured the prom works of this amazing photographer and we’re excited to see how he captures the much awaited prom photos we all missed in 2020.

#8 Yvette Vazquez Photography

Listen! We found this studio after scouring dozens of hashtags on IG, seeking photos by photographers with a unique style and instantly fell in love with this profile.

#9 Mackenzie Ryan Photography

Originally from L.A. this talented music and lifestyle photographer caught our eye with the rich colors and vibrant life oozing from each of her photos on IG.

#10 Zack Knudsen

There wasn’t much we could find about Zack, except that he has a cat and takes amazing photos of artist and food with a Sony A7iii. We definitely think he is a photographer to know.

#11 Blake Wylie

Blake specializes in both tintypes on black alumimum and ambrotypes on clear glass. All of his work is performed by hand so that it lends itself to the creation of a very unique image every time.

#12 Life’s Edge Art Photography

We fell in love with the artistic photos from this photographer. With an IG feed full of beautiful images of hidden caves and mysterious places in Nashville.

#13 Allie Chambers Photography

Professional wedding photography with a unique style and method for delivering amazing stills. Her confidence as a top photographer comes through each image bravely.

#14 Ryan Sims Photography

We love Ryan’s style. We can tell he creates the images and not the camera.

#15 Keren Treviño Photography

Creative lifestyle photography. Beautiful rich colors filled with creativity and imagination.

#16 Evie Lynn Studio

Evie Lynn Studio specializes in newborn, maternity, baby and family portraiture. We stalked her page for hours awing over the cute baby photos. If you don’t want to get baby fever we suggest you err on the side of caution. But, we have to tell you, it will be hard to look away.

#17 James Isaac Jones Photography

The elements, the lighting, the colors, the rich tones, ah they all worked together to grab our attention and peak our interest to stalk this photographer’s IG feed.

#18 Hunter Lashea Photography

Wedding and lifestyle photographer who has a creative mind and an eye for detail. Her images strongly expresses her creativity and imagination that allows her to take an extraordinary setting and turn it into something amazing.

#19 Angel Patricia Photography

Angel’s images work together harmoniously to convey the right vision and message.

#20 Damone Pledger

New to Nashville, this photographer is creating quite a buzz on IG with strong and bold images.

#21 Jao Photograpy

When you’re passionate about what you do, it stands out loud and clear. Last on our list but certainly not least, this photographer caught our eye through the stories his images tell.

Photographers were chose based off our IG search and chosen by the quality of their images. We do not know each entrepreneur personally. Subscribe for more of Nodat’s Top 21 in Nashville List.


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