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Nodat Knows You.

The first app that curates local information specifically for you.

Nodat is a local deals app for Android and iOS that notifies you about the things you want to know about in a local area. From local brands, to experiences, events, and local information. Nodat makes it easier for you to engage, support and shop in your community while saving on everyday items like food, beauty, wellness, recreation, auto maintenance & repair, home remodel & repair, and much more.

The Nodat Origin Story

It all began with a dream… not really.

First to the market, Nodat started in 2017 because we were pretty upset about missing out on the opportunity to go to a new waterpark that opened over the summer in our local area. We quickly learned the reason we missed this opportunity was because not enough of our network knew the waterpark existed. So we decided to do something about it.

We developed a mobile app that would reward our friends for sharing their local finds and experiences on social media. We figured the rewards would motivate them to spend a few minutes sharing what they liked versus sharing a negative experience. We gained a lot of traction with this initial idea which led us to a bigger opportunity for helping small & medium businesses get their businesses and deals in front of more local consumers.

The Power Behind Our Vision.

Nodat is supported by a wonderful host of advisors, mentors and investors who are hands on and dedicated to the company, the vision and the success of small and medium businesses.

The #1 App for All Things Local!

“We started this company because we wanted to support the small businesses in Nashville. Now, we realize we have an even bigger opportunity to help small businesses everywhere.”

Aireka Harvell – CEO of Nodat


Core Values Centered on Integrity and Action

We have three core values that guide our actions and create our culture at Nodat. Here are the characteristics and beliefs of our founders that makes Nodat great.


Respect for our customers, our users, advisors, mentors, investors, community and team is a MUST. We value the personalities, experiences, nationalities, and beings of everyone. 


We work as a team, not as bosses and employees. We build with creativity, so it is important the team loves what they do and who they do it with. The trust from our community of users is prevalent to our success.


We take action on everything we plan. When faced with problems we immediately think of two or three solutions for resolving it. If we promise it we act on it. We see failure as opportunity to grow and never as a reason to not try.

We Make Sure You Nodat Because Nodat Knows YOU.

We are committed to providing spam free and relevant local information that helps you learn about the community you live, work and play in daily. Share what you care about and what you want to know about and Nodat will make sure that’s what you get.