Becoming Veteran Aware: Nodat’s List of 21 Veteran-Owned SMBs in Nashville

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Recently, I spoke with a veteran, one who did multiple tours in Gulf War, known to many as “Desert Storm.  He served over 15 years, “jumping out of planes”.  This man sat before me, as a father, husband, community leader and also having multiple decades of experience in his career. 

Wow, what a life he has lived.  He smiled, joked and shared all of this wisdom with me.  We looked around as others moved freely, peacefully about their day, about their lives without knowing the extent to which they’ve been and or being protected.  And also to what lengths the individuals who “fight” or “have fought” for our country have gone.  These individuals who serve in the armed forces play many parts and there are so many positions they may carry, from servicemen or soldiers to team members or troopers, have you ever really reflected on the cost of our freedom and peace? I’m talking about thought about it, thought about it.  There are perhaps many faucets unbeknownst to us, meaning we don’t know that we don’t know.  

America, in spite of its many imperfections is still one of, if not the most, sought after, longed to live in countries in the world.  Even as a person of color here in America, we have access to many liberties other places in the world do not.  In some cases, our “worse” may be someone else’s “alright”.  There’s a lot of power in perspective and mindset, i.e. is the glass half empty or is it half full? A change in how one views something can also change one’s experience of that thing.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of veteran owned businesses in the Nashville area.  What I observe is that many of our countries’ veterans have gone on to continue to serve us as protectors and leaders in various forms. Providing defense mechanisms via security, self or electronic, barriers for our homes or businesses as well as providing intel or staff to fill various needs within our organizations.    

Security Services

  1. Archangel Protective Services
  2. Academy of Self Protection, Inc.

Building & Household Services

  1. Bestway Services
  2. C & R Services
  3. Roof Doctors – Nashville Roofing
  4. Bryan Fences
  5. Spring Clean Cleaning Service – Nashville (minority and veteran owned business)
  6. Schaffhouser Electric Co.
  7. Auto Glass Shop – Nashville
  8. Griffin Mechanical, LLC
  9. Layson Realty Group – Keller Williams

Business Services

  1. Allpro Staffnet
  2. ProExecutive Recruitment
  3. Launch TN
  4. Dev Digital, LLC
  5. ASE Direct Inc.

Recreational & Entertainment Services

  2. Nashville Mobile Party DJs 
  3. Evan Baines Wedding and Portrait Photography

Healthy & Beauty Services

  1. Naturally You Salon (minority and veteran owned business)
  2. Major Family Chiropractic

Organizations and Associations

The State of Tennessee Department of Veteran Services offers resources for veteran employment, education, benefits, mental health and outreach.

The Tennessee Veterans Business Association since 2010 has supported veteran owned businesses with networking, annual business expo and veteran job fair.  The All American Luncheon and Veteran Job Fair is being held on April 30, 2021 in East Tennessee.

The Wounded Warrior Project assists veterans injured after 9/11 by helping them as well as their families transition back into civilian life.  They are located in the Freedom Center on Rosa Parks Blvd.

Veterans have safeguarded our livelihood and they carry on that legacy of protection within our community. May this list inspire you to become more “veteran aware” and of the huge amount given every day for so long by our armed forces. Though not all are overcome within the States, some fears we are shielded from via the work of our military without a second thought.

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