Fable Lounge is The One Thing You’ve Always Wanted.

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Fable Lounge on West End brings a unique experience to the Nashville community. The cocktail bar and speakeasy allows “a little niche of something for everyone to escape reality” says owner Ben Powell. When you walk through the door, you’ll forget you are in Nashville. Be ready to experience an intimate rendezvous in the dining room, a see and be seen mezzanine throne room piano lounge, and a cigars and scotch pavilion with firelights.

Chesterfield couches inside of Fable Lounge dining room.

The Fable Lounge Experience

The world of Fable Lounge quickly propels you into an intimate atmosphere of relaxation as you sit on the chesterfield couches in the dining room to indulge in conversation. Then, greeted by a member of the beverage team ready and equipped to make your wildest cocktail dreams come true. With a cocktail programming that “takes you on a pathway which every drink is unique and different and you feel that every drink before the last has been a lie.” A vast selection of wine and beer subscribes to this distinctive program and uses the delectable concoctions from local breweries.

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Cocktail bar inside Fable Lounge on West End.

The Culinary Menu

The culinary team is impeccably talented to capture the essence of what is true comfort. The menu serves artisanal cheeses, small plates and entrees, transforming your special moment into a delectable milestone. Allowing you to set your focus on that exceptional moment in time that is, enjoying the Fable experience. The staff pours their energy into reassurance. Letting you know they are aware you could have gone anywhere to have your anniversary dinner, your business meeting or your first date, but you chose Fable Lounge.

Courtesy of The Tennessean “What’s on the Menu at Fable Lounge”

The Fable Space

Described as a manifestation of passion and desire, the space is located in a historic building with a few modern additions made by owners Ben Powell and John Dibble. Inside you will find two levels, each with it’s own story and introduction to a different reality. The walls are furnished with speakeasy artwork from the roaring twenties giving off vibes of warmth from it’s inviting aesthetics.

Fable Lounge will be hosting a masquerade ball to celebrate the New Year. Guest will enjoy cocktails, competitions and prizes during the event. The event begins at 5 PM CST until 10 PM CST. Reservations are strongly recommended and a wait list is available if reservations are full.


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