Hip Hop Charades Nashville Virtual Game Experience

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Create fun memories with your family and friends. Play charades, trivia and Family Feud with a unique virtual game experience. Just Play Entertainment, offers virtual game nights that turns your favorite childhood games into a wild night of fun through the use of hip hop and urban lingo.

Book a Battle the Sexes virtual game experience. Gather your girls or boys and prove your the best! Outguess your opponents for the most hip hop lingo known. Help teammates guess lingo like Clapback or you ain’t About That Life. Act out the catch phrases and earn cool points for answering hip hop trivia.

Use gestures and clues. But be careful not to mention violation words ​so, your opponent won’t deduct points and clapback with the hand clapper!

Just Play Entertainment offers a 90’s version, teen version, and a “That’s What She Said” virtual game experience. Other game experiences include Hip Hop Trivia, Hip Hop Family Feud (great for family reunions), and an Entanglement Charades game for adult parties for bachelorettes. Just Play Entertainment is a great option for staying entertained with family and friends from the comfort of your home.

You can find deals for virtual events, game boxes and digital downloads by Just Play Entertainment by downloading Nodat here.


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