Local Alternatives For Beauty Products!

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Don’t you just love the awareness around buying locally now? It’s so good for our local economy and for us small business owners, YES!  This article will help you find local alternatives for beauty products right here at local beauty stores in Nashville! You know the daily must haves.  I’ve had the pleasure of personally using some of these local favs, let’s take a look…

Miriam.Be Beauty Products

If you’re looking for non-toxic beauty and/or hygiene products that are not loaded with fillers, alcohols, detergents, synthetics or unhealthy fragrances then you should definitely give Miriam.Be products a try. This brand checks multiple boxes for the socially conscience shopper. They are also a locally owned, woman-owned and Black-owned e-commerce beauty brand in Nashville. The founder Celeste M. Black founded the company while battling stage 4 breast cancer as a solution to the everyday over the counter hygiene products interfering with her treatments. Miriam.Be products are only great for your health and maximizes results for skincare but the fragrances are absolutely amazing!

Alchemy of Sol Shea Butter Soap

Stay clean with Alchemy of Sol Shea Butter Soap. It is a handcrafted luxury soap that’s been around for over 25 years!  Let me tell you they have some of the best “flavors” and smell oh so good.  It’s all organic, vegan and made with pure essential oils.  In addition to these crafty soaps, Alchemy of Sol makes soy candles, bath salts and washing powder. Alchemy of Sol is sold at Nashville’s Farmers Market, see their schedule here or shop online.

Konadu Cherry Almond Body Wash

Prefer body wash with your shower?  No problem.  This Konadu Body Care Body Wash has what you need.  This cherry almond body wash has an amazing soothing feel infused with shea butter.  Don’t forget to get the entire cherry almond set, Konadu has the cherry almond body lotion, bath bomb, soap and body butter.  Jennifer McGill, the founder, realized she couldn’t find products that gave her skin a flawless feel like the products she made back home in Ghana, so she created Konadu Body Care by Nature. You may find her products at local Kroger stores, if not, check out Jennifer’s shop in the Fatherland District, East Nashville.

Essence Tree Healthy Hair Tonic

Your Hair must look good everyday, right? 

“Healthy Hair Tonic, an EssenceTree best-seller, this nutrient-rich hair oil contains 30 essential oils, botanicals and antioxidants to promote restoration at the cellular level. Plant oils and organic herbs promote hair growth while offering supreme moisture, shine and protection.”~ essencetree.com Charmaine the founder of this holistic line of skin, hair and beauty products once upon a time called Nashville her home.  But before she decided to move on, she created Essence Tree and made sure we could purchase her products locally.  Essence Tree is sold at Whole Foods in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.

Essence Tree Organic Lavender Tea Tree Face Wash

We wash our face at least once each day! Why not do it with Essence?  Essence Tree’s products are all youth enhancing and made with organic herbs and farm fresh flowers. This product is great for sensitive skin and acne prone skin.  Tea tree essential oil and lavender both have soothing qualities.  Essence Tree products are great local alternatives for beauty products and they make great gifts too.

The Plain Jane All Purpose Cream

The Plain Jane All Purpose Cream by Yuyo Botanics is not just any old body butter.  This light cream has 400 mg of highly concentrated hemp extract along with apricot kernel oil, vitamin e and coconut oil.  The hemp extract contains several phytonutrients, literally from A to Z, that protect your skin from free radicals, calms and rejuvenates the skin, being great for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.  Massage those little aches away.  Yuyo Botanics products are also sold at Lemon Laine or check out their online shop.

Clary Bath and Body Oil .  There’s the most adorable little beauty shop in East Nashville called Lemon Laine.  Out window shopping and had to drop in, I came across Clary.  Clary is a local brand and their products have some of the top ingredients you’d want in your skincare.  If you haven’t added a body oil to your skin routine, you must and you’ll thank me later.  This oil has plantain leaves, calendula and chamomile to name a few.  All of which make your skin glow .  You’ll be thoroughly moisturized!

Liyah’s Lip Beauty Company

Liyah’s lip gloss is vegan, dye and cruelty free. And guess what? This brand was created by a 10 year old!  Everything is homemade.  Liyah’s lip gloss has been my favorite lip gloss ever since I found them! In addition to lip glass, their fancy shop sells nail polish, hair regrowth oil and hair care in the cutest sets.  Flavors like peach passion, birthday cake and sweet pumpkin smell really sweet and will make you smile a bit when you slide it on.  If you don’t catch Liyah out at a local trade show soon like I did, no worries, you can buy Liyah’s lip gloss online.

We hope you will use this list to buy local more often starting with these local alternatives for beauty products!



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