Photo Op: Interactive Art Gallery & Photo Experience

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Last month we released our Top 21 Photographers You Should Know! If you didn’t Nodat, go check it out, because we’ve found the coolest spot in Nashville to take some bomb photos. We connected with exhibit creator and museum curator Nichole Nunn, owner of Flash Me Xperience to take a tour and snap a few shots.

Located in the heart of Nashville, on Historic Jefferson Street, Flash Me Xperience is an interactive art gallery that provides the ultimate photo experience. With 15 different exhibits designed with fantastical immersive scenes that allows you to become one with the art. Think art gallery + selfie museum on TEN!

Nichole and her family started building the studio pre-pandemic. They continued to work on it throughout and recently opened its doors to the public to allow customers to journey through electric art and take beautiful, quirky, outlandish and elegant photos.

The Flash Me Experience

As soon as you walk into the studio you immediately feel the beautiful flow radiating from the Wall of Balance. Painted on the wall are words like freedom, vision, hard work, dream and manifestation. All things, Nichole says are ingredients for true balance in life. She wants the Wall of Balance to inspire her customers as well as being a great photo op.

It’s a combination of immersive art filled in with a photo experience. It’s a movement dedicated to inspire, to motivate people to show them what true hope, truly looks like.

Owner of Flash Me Experience, Nichole Nunn

Photo Exhibits – To Name a Few

The History Portal – An exhibit that shares the message “We’re not defined by our past. We’re only defined by our future”, says Nichole. The bathroom painted matte black with historic paintings and messages of inspiration on the wall is great for boomerangs, photos in the tub or to just be free and beautiful!

2020 Room – Created by Nichole’s 15-year old daughter, is an exhibit of newspaper clippings of events that happened in 2020. A great photo op for anyone who just wants to say “I was here and I survived the madness!” We think she was pretty smart and creative for this one!

The Road Rage Exhibit – This exhibit is perfect for taking a deep breath, then expressing your road rage through beautiful imagery. I’m camera shy, so my road rage isn’t quite coming through here. But I believe there are plenty Nashvillians who can create some amazing photos in this car.

The Sweet Treats Exhibit – Dedicated to Nichole’s family who inspired, motivated and pitched in by designing the crafts for this room. Menu items named after each family member give tribute to those who helped design the room. The sweet treats looks like cake but don’t try to eat it because it’s truly art. Cakes exhibits looks good enough to eat! The kitchen gives off a 40’s bakery vibe. Every corner offers a different photo experience.

The Royal Oasis Exhibit – This exhibit is so quirky, fun, and sexy all at the same time! Everything in this exhibit says I’m beautiful and free and I do not subscribe to the traditional ideologies!

I wish I could show you all of the cool exhibits in this one article but it’s impossible. Now that you Nodat, check out Top 21 Photographers, book one, and experience the Flash Me Experience for yourself. Share your photos and tag us on social media @nodatplace. There is a collective of photographers available onsite. Call ahead for pricing and booking availability.


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