Unique Co-Working Space for Wellness Professionals.

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There are quite a few shared office spaces in Nashville. However, the Atelier (pronounced at-tah-lay) specifically caters to Psychotherapists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Life Coaches, and other Wellness Professionals. This unique space offers a venue for clinicians to independently own and operate their private practices through a no-hassle, fully equipped and beautifully furnished space.

If you had to pause or downsize your wellness practice due to the pandemic or maybe you decided to follow your passion and start one, this is the perfect solution for you. Brining clients to your home may not be ideal and oftentimes may put privacy at risks. The Atelier allows you to continue serving your clients with a professional look and feel by booking fully furnished office space for a full day once a month, twice a week or monthly. Packages are designed to fit the budget and needs for wellness professionals at various levels.

Owners Stacey Lanier and Ila Foster opened the co-working space in 2019 because as wellness professionals they understand the challenges of getting started. They wanted to remove the barrier that overhead causes to starting a wellness practice. Atelier is an exclusive community that provides support, office equipment, and privacy as collaborative ecosystem. The space is designed beautifully and makes it possible for you to start seeing clients immediately with less out of pocket expenses of starting a traditional practice which can cost thousands of dollars.

The space allows your wellness business to have a professional address for accounting, marketing and mailing purposes. The space also allows for a working environment that provides the social distancing necessary during this pandemic.

Download Nodat to find a deal code for your first office space booking here.


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