Locals Hold the Power to Bring Back Small Business.

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Locals hold the power to bring back small businesses by deciding where to spend their money. Advertisers for years have brainwashed consumers into believing that a specific brand name would add some form of immaculate value to their life. Because of that, we believe that if we purchase a specific brand of shoes or particular brand of food from a popular store our lives are somehow better. The truth is, in some way we are missing out on the real opportunities to make our lives richer and fuller. 

Buying local should matter more.

Shopping local is more than just a feel good, do-good movement to support smaller merchants. When you decide to spend your money in your area, you are deciding to contribute to the growth and success of your community. Your purchases provide the economic support needed to improve roadways, schools, employment, youth programs, lower property and sales taxes and more. Simply put, when small businesses make more money, it benefits you too! 

shop local helps consumers save money
Shop local saves money and lowers cost of living in local communities.

Small merchants then vs. now.

Remember the stories of the 1950’s when small businesses accounted for more than 58% of all the goods and services produced in our country? In the 60’s big business came in and flooded the local communities with promises and images of a better you and a better life. They started dominating local economies, making it harder for small businesses to compete. The odd thing about this strategy is, when our support shifted from shopping with local merchants, so did the quality of local life. 

Large corporations who open subsidiary offices in another state are not required to pay income taxes to that state or local government most of the time. For communities to continue to innovate and grow, local governments had to make up for the lost income from business taxes paid by small businesses. Guess who makes up for that income loss?

YOU DO, through an increase in sales and property taxes. 

So, the next time you spend money with a large corporation that offers the same products or services that a small merchant offers in your city, stop and do yourself a favor. Choose to spend that money with a small business and truly increase your quality of life locally.

This article is the first in a series that will create a complete guide for shopping locally to help you increase the quality of your life by channeling the money back to you and the community.

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